30 Day Squat Challenge



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30 thoughts on “30 Day Squat Challenge

  1. Can you split up the squats throughout the day? Like when it gets in the 100’s. 50 in morning/50 in evening? Or do you have to do it in one session?

  2. I started this a while ago I’m on day 18 now but I’m confused because after I’m done with the workout I only feel it in my legs and calves? Aren’t I supposed to feel it in my butt also???

    1. The correct way to do a squat is to squat all the way down into a seated position and keep your abs firm and back straight. You will definitely start feeling it in all the right places 🙂

  3. What do you do after Day 30 if you want to continue without hitting a plateau or doing ridiculous amounts of reps?

  4. I have started this challenge but have to constantly remind myself that the exercise will not work unless you are doing squats correctly. Butt out, back strait, don’t let your knees bend beyond your toes, lower your back as close to the ground as possible!

    1. It is essential to squat correctly! I am a weight lifter who squats heavy weights on a regular basis and if you want to transition from body weight squats to weighted squats, form if essential. Even if you never squat weights, you should take the time to make sure your form is correct to maximize this exercise! You DO NOT want to lower your back as close to the ground as possible. You can hurt yourself (not necessarily when doing your body weight but if you add weights you can cause damage to your back!). You want to make sure you keep your head up with your chest out and your shoulders back (when lifting with weights, you use the “shelf” created when your shoulders are back to rest your weight).
      You want to make sure you start with an athletic stance (knees slightly bent, toes pointed outward a bit). The wider you have your legs apart,, the more it works your hamstrings and glutes more and the closer your legs are, it works the quads more. You also want to make sure you are lowering so your thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Depending on your hip flexibility this could be an issue. Some weight lifters squat lower than parallel, which is fine as long as your knees and lower back don’t give you issues and your lower back remains flat or slightly arched.

      1. I generally do them in reps of 10 until they get easier then increase your reps with less breaks as it gets easier

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