DIY – How to make vases with painted bottles

How to make vases with painted bottles


9 thoughts on “DIY – How to make vases with painted bottles

  1. I did this the other day, I used apple barrel craft paint. I squeezed the bottle around the rim so that it ran down the sides (this was after some trial and error with filling the bottom of the bottle, turning it upside down and wasting a ton of paint, which i scraped up with my finger and scraped off onto the rim of another bottle, so it ran down the sides). I applied the paint thick at the rim and it ran down the sides and then I had to rotate each bottle to get the coverage. I occasionally had to hit the bottle on the palm of my hand to get some of the left over spots covered. its not a “fill with paint and leave” project, you have to hang out with the bottles and keep them moving, but it can work.

  2. yeah I agree this totally doesn’t work. you have to have very thin runny paint to coat the bottle and then it really doesn’t really coat all that well if it is thin. plus if you turn it upside down then then paint pools at the rim and completely ruins it. if you leave it right side upside same thing happens. these are cool looking but almost impossible to do.

  3. I tried this for the first time. I used Perm Enamel for glass and tile. Very thick Maybe too old? Had it for a year. I turned the vase upside down as shown in this pic. The rim of the vase was filled with paint and ruined it. If
    I dry it right side up won’t the bottom be really filled and waste paint? What to do and what is the best paint to use? Any help?

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