Steps to have a spotless bathroom

Having a beautiful clean bathroom that welcomes you with freshness every time you visit isn’t hard, it just needs consistency and habit building


1- make a habit of empting the trash can everyday


2- spray the shower walls after showering, this will reduce


Every time you get out of the shower spray the walls with a vinegar and water mixture,” says Bonnie Dewkett from The Joyful Organizer. Skip the vinegar on natural stone surfaces, but also squeegee the tile after your shower. Whisking away excess moisture can minimize time spent cleaning later.

3- Use the dryer to keep the towels clean


try to pop the towels into the dryer for 10 minutes to keep them dry and fresh

4- clean the toilet bowel regularly


deal with the small gross messes before they becomes bigger, always give your toilet bowel a quick scrum with the toilet brush and spray some toilet cleaner or backing soda before going to bed and flush in the morning

5- clean counter tops and mirror after brushing your teeth


keep your counter top cleaner under the sink, spray it all over and give it a quick wipe before leaving so you don’t have to deal with water spots

6- Add décor to your bathroom


keep it beautiful, add nice small wall art and some flowers, that way you will love your bathroom and will stay motivated to keep it looking clean and fresh




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